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Why choose the Toyota Hilux Revo Smart Extra Cab pickup truck? Hilux Revo balances the benefits of the Single Cab and the Double Cab. Hi Lux Smart Cab has two laterally opening doors for easy access to the seating behind the driver’s seat, this hard-working pickup truck or bakkie is ideal for small to medium businesses. Toyota Hilux Revo Smart Cab Extra Cab is a true workhorse, the Toyota Revo Smart Extra Cab is up for the job 24/7. This All new Hilux Revo Extended pickup truck is a match for any load, road or challenge, while at the same time providing optimal balance between fuel economy and performance with the new GD engines. Toyota Hilux Revo Smart Extra Cab or Extended Cab is available in 2WD, Prerunner and 4WD versions. Prerunner is a 4×2 vehicle that has been raised to the height of a 4×4 vehicle.

Revo Smart Extra Cab Towing Capability

With Class leading towing capability and 1 ton payload, the Toyota Hilux Revo Smart Extra Cab is built for endurance and hard work.


The small laterally opening door in the rear can be opened from the inside or outside of the vehicle but are fitted with an interlock that prevents them opened unless the front door is opened first.

Fuel Efficiency

The new ESTEC GD engines provide industry leading fuel efficiency.


With a large storage space behind the seats and as well as under-floor storage, the Toyota Revo Extended Cab also comes with a detachable and lockable storage box to keep your valuables safe and secure.

Toyota Hilux Revo Smart Cab Safety

Travel safely with ABS that supports EBD (electronic brakeforce distribution) and airbags for the driver and passenger on selected models. Toyota Safety Sense is now also Extended on all Revo models. Emergency Braking is a new and welcome addition.

Exterior Features of Toyota Revo Smart Extra Cab

Built for endurance and reliability, the Toyota Hilux Revo Smart Extra Cab pickup truck is rugged and tough thanks to basic and functional interior and exterior features.With bold styling, inside and out, the Toyota Hilux Revo Smart Extended Cab is a pickup built for style and substance.  Perfectly proportioned and aerodynamically efficient, this pickup  makes a good first impression that lasts

Laterally Opening Door

With four doors instead of two, the Hilux Revo Extended Cab boasts a rear door that provide easy access to the seating and storage box behind the driver’s seat.

Stop lamp in the Rear

A centre high mounted stop lamp provides added visibility on all derivatives of the Toyota Hilux Revo Smart Extra Cab.

Exterior mirrors

With side indicators for safety, The Revo’s electrically adjustable side mirrors protect against side bumps in car park and forest trails.

Highway tires

Low rolling resistance for improved fuel consumption.

Load box

Extra thick metal gauge to take on any load.

Hilux Revo distinctive Grille

New facelift distinct Chrome grille and rear bumper separate your ride from the crowd.

Projector headlights

Long lasting multi-reflector or projector halogen headlights and Daylight Running Lights (DRLs) provide bright illumination for top notch visibility for Revo drivers and low light for other drivers. *On selected trims only.

Side steps

Side steps not only enhance the tough exterior look, they make it easy to get in and out. Standard on all Double cabs/

Alloy wheels

All Hilux Revo model come Extended with alloy wheels of different sizes. Alloy wheels don’t just look good; they handle tough terrain like a pro. Off-road adventures and 4×4 trails encouraged in Indestructible Toyota Hilux Revo.

Rear LED tail lights

LED tail & brake lights are as safe and practical as they are stylish they are brighter, illuminate faster and use less energy.

Interior Features of Toyota Hilux Revo Smart Extra Cab

The spacious interior of the Toyota Hilux Revo lends comfort and functionality to hardest working pickup truck. Its car like interior makes you forget that you are in a pickup truck or a bakkie or an ute. The modern twin cockpit offers comfort and technology, while deep seats and plenty of legroom make the journey an enjoyable one.

Automatic Sequential Transmission

Want smooth sailing? Then consider the ALL NEW 6 speed Auto Sequential Transmission in Toyota Hilux Revo Extended Cab. Settle in for a relaxing drive – wherever you’re going!

Leather Steering Wheel with Audio and Weather Control

The comfortable leather bound three pronged ergonomic steering wheel puts everything at your fingertips, so you can concentrate on the road ahead

Storage Space

Look out for two glove boxes to maximise usable interior space as well as door storage pockets with built-in cup holders.

Integrated Sound System

Hit the road with music via CDs, MP3s and USB devices. Because no Toyota driver should have to listen to static. *On selected trims only.

Cruise Control*

Steering wheel mounted cruise control makes long distance driving pleasure. *On selected trims only.

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